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Best free virtualization software for Windows

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Best free virtualization software for Windows

One of the main advantages of a virtualization is its lower price, since there is extremely less hardware deployment. As well the technique offer a flexible approach to the user in terms of computing atmosphere since diverse Operating Systems could work on a single machine. There are lots of best free virtualization software accessible on the internet as well as we have brought to you the top 9 among them.

Best free virtualization software for Windows

best free virtualization software

Parallels Desktop

Parallel is a renowned name in addition to popular, well designed virtualization software that might easily be used by novice engineers and experts. The newest version of the software is able of running Windows 8 on Apple Mac machines as well as Mac OS on Windows machines.


Parallel might seem a bit extensive because it makes the virtualization procedure look very easy, however VMware Fusion is easier for beginner as well as satisfies all the necessities of advanced users. VMware is capable to offer more edgy performance in addition to be cheaper when compared to Parallels.

Virtual Box

If performance is the key that matter you the most, Virtual Box might be your most excellent choice as it is much quicker than any other virtualization software as well as is accessible completely free of cost. Also Virtual Box possesses much more capability and is more user friendly than VMware as well as Parallels.

Microsoft Virtual Server

This is a Microsoft official virtual server for Windows 2003 service pack in addition to Windows XP service pack 2 as well as Professional Edition. The software is as well capable of working on x86 workstation and server and one could download it in 32 or 64 bit installer version.


Q is open source software that is able of running on Windows, Mac or else Linux OS and also allows the user to switch among the guest PCs and then restart this at any point of time. The user can as well exchange various files among the guests in addition to host OS at any time.

Virtual Iron Single Server Virtualization plus Management

The distinct server Virtualization as well as management software from Virtual Iron is able of create virtual servers on both Linux as well as Windows platform. Working on both 32 in addition to 64 bit workloads, they are mostly on iSCSI, local storage or storage area networks.

Virtual Iron as well as Provision Network Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

It is basically an alternative to the clean fat desktop implementation in addition to the terminal services. The software allows the administrator to run utmost five virtual desktops within the virtual machine that run in on the server current in the data center.


Xen is a virtualization software that was grown in Cambridge University as well as runs only on x86 server. It is able of running on Linux as well as Windows OS only.

Xen Source and Xen Express

Xen source as well as Xen Express are best free virtualization software that runs on x86 servers that are able of hosting 4 virtual environment on the server that has as a minimum 4 GB of internal RAM or else as a minimum two physical sockets.