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about us is a well established and recognized name for solutions in dedicated hosting and managed hosting services. We are immensely pleased to provide solutions for the deployment of your online business. We have been providing secure and fast dedicated servers for our various clients since a decade. We mainly focus on server management and provision of dedicated solutions for server implementation.

Fast And secured Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Fast Dedicated Servers Hosting

Our experience in this arena makes us more appropriate than anyone else, we managed to survive the dot com bubble burst and the location of us in the US makes it reachable for everyone. Our solutions on fast dedicated servers started growing by then and we have a good stand now. While we were equally focusing on providing fast dedicated server solutions, we were also scaling our solutions. Our prime objective always was providing the best hosting solution under an affordable price tag, and we were successful in that.

Most of the business owners are looking for a reliable server solution these days and we are proud to make them gratified. We have vast expertise on fast dedicated servers who can fix and build server solutions within no time. Today, we are pleased to be one of the biggest web hosting (to be precise, dedicated hosting) providers that you can find around. Not only that our solutions are highly flexible, we streamline them so that businesses can take advantage of it. Our data center is in Los Angeles, California and we have plans of opening new data center in other city in near future.