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Fast And secured Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Fast Dedicated Servers Hosting

Our experience in this arena makes us more appropriate than anyone else, we managed to survive the dot com bubble burst and the location of us in the US makes it reachable for everyone. Our solutions on fast dedicated servers started growing by then and we have a good stand now. While we were equally focusing on providing fast dedicated server solutions, we were also scaling our solutions. Our prime objective always was providing the best hosting solution under an affordable price tag, and we were successful in that.

Most of the business owners are looking for a reliable server solution these days and we are proud to make them gratified. We have vast expertise on fast dedicated servers who can fix and build server solutions within no time. Today, we are pleased to be one of the biggest web hosting (to be precise, dedicated hosting) providers that you can find around. Not only that our solutions are highly flexible, we streamline them so that businesses can take advantage of it. Our data center is in Los Angeles, California and we have plans of opening new data center in other city in near future.

Make your website speed sky rocketing with Dedicated Servers

In the world of online business, the competition is very high. What different you should do to make your website appear on the first page of google. It is not easy, but you can efficiently achieve this with dedicated server hosting. If you are confuse whether dedicated servers will boost your website performance or not. Then, you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss it briefly.

Have you ever wondered how websites load so fast?

The loading of a website depends upon the hosting services you have chosen for your website. The best hosting means faster website loading. In this article we will see how one can make a website speed skyrocket with the help of dedicated servers.

The Need Of Fast Website

What happens if your website is slow? If we go on a website and it does not load for a minute, then we leave that website. We look for other websites showing the same content. This way, websites lose traffic, not only traffic but money too. Website speed enhances the user experience. It leaves an impression on its visitors. If your website is slow, the chances are high that user will not land on your website again. The fast websites are considered to be professional.

If the website is slow, it might look insecure, unsafe, and less trustworthy. According to stats, around 87% people expect websites to load within 3 seconds. We all don’t like to wait. We want immediate and fast results to our queries. It is clear, when the website is slow, user experience is really bad the chances are the same user will not visit again. This way, you will not get loyal users or customers for your business. This is the reason your website should load fast.

Let us discuss some of the reasons first for the need of fast website –

Improves Web Traffic

Have you ever heard about digital marketing? Why do companies do it? The reason is to drive traffic on their website. To increase awareness about their services and products, which in turn increases the sales, and brings success to the company. The same applies to fast websites. If the website is fast, 90% chances are web traffic will increase.

Boost SEO

If your website loads faster, chances of regular visitors increases. This improves the website Google rankings, which will bring more visitors, and this way business will get a boost. One of the effective methods to increase speed is to choose a good hosting provider or fast hosts, recommended is dedicated hosting. Choose the hosting solution with good market value, so that you get 100% success.

Increased User Engagement

It is clear that people like fast websites. The customers deserve a great user experience, it depends upon the level of user experience. Whether they will become a customer or just a visitor for some seconds. We all know, that impression is created within seconds only. So, if you are launching a website make sure you make every visitor happy and satisfied with the results.

What are dedicated Servers?

Dedicated server is a bare metal high speed computer system with excellent internet connectivity. Organizations use fast dedicated servers to host their websites, applications, and store the data. Dedicated servers increase performance level for websites as they do not stretch multiple workloads.

There are two types of hosting services, let us understand them –

Shared hosting

Small companies or startups use shared hosting as they do not require a large amount of disk space or storage. In the beginning, they do not need to scale the website. It also provides maintenance, security under the standard plans.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is better for medium and large organizations that may require large disk space for storage and also want to scale the business. The Dedicated hosting comes in two flavor Managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server .Unmanaged dedicated server does not provide maintenance, administration, in standard plans but it’s cheaper one. Managed dedicated servers are a bit costly but everything will be managed by a hosting provider.

Why prefer a dedicated server?

They can perform better for companies. The chance of attack on data becomes lower and the data becomes secure. With a dedicated server, you control the server on which your website is hosting. It is more reliable than shared hosting. Today, big companies are preferring dedicated hosting to boost their business, even small companies should opt for it. Once, their business got a hike.

Why do companies need dedicated servers?  Let us see some points to know why companies need server –

Offers enhanced security

If you are doing business online, then security is the major concern. When you collect data from your visitors or customers, you must keep their data secure. Today, cyber attack is a common practice. You should not risk your data as well as customers’ data. In case of shared hosting, the data is secure until the hosting company is protecting. But in case of dedicated hosting you will have the root access of the server to make your data secure and implement all security policies. Shared servers can bring unnecessary security breaches to your website. The security breaches can be in the form of virus, hack, and other security issues.

The shared servers provider manages everything and you don’t get any information related to antivirus installations, updates, and patches. In the case of shared servers, you might not know that there are security issues on your website. It might take months or weeks to get this information. But in the case of fast dedicated servers, you ensure the security of your website as you will have root access. With dedicated servers, you are the master of your website server. There are several good companies like us which provide dedicated servers, and maintain everything for you. Either it’s storage, security upgrades, installing software, etc.

Load balancing or future growth

If you find your business is growing, or there is an increase in traffic on your website. Then you should plan to shift server to dedicated server without any delay. If you do delay, it can cost you in the future. But if you take decisions at the right time, you will see the benefit yourself. Before shifting to dedicated servers, do your research. Check which is the fast dedicated server according to your requirements at that moment. Do not choose shared hosting, as already discussed it is not the best option for your website. With shared hosting, you might get load balancing issues in the future, which will affect your business in the long run. But with dedicated servers, you can ensure effective load balancing.

Server and traffic load

With the increase in the number of daily visitors on your website, the website might get slower. The heavy load starts degrading the performance of the website. The large number of visitors can have a huge impact on the functionality of a website. In this case, you must go for fast dedicated server hosting. In shared hosting, you share multiple resources with other websites. So, the number of resources to your website gets limits like limited RAM, bandwidth, and more features. A high load on other websites hosted on the same server in shared hosting will also impact your website, especially when you also get large traffic. But if you have chosen fast servers, like dedicated servers the performance of your website will boost.

Custom programming options

In shared hosting, you do not get any custom programming options. Whereas, in a dedicated server you get options of custom programming which include shell scripts or other custom software. In dedicated server hosting, you can select software of your choice. You can select various custom programming options. As you will have the root access of the server.

Page load time

Slower the performance of your website, slower the page loads. About 47% visitors on your website want it to load within 3 seconds. If it does not get loaded, the visitors will abandon your website. The speed of websites has a huge impact on Google rankings. Faster the website, more is the traffic. With dedicated servers, you do not share any resources like RAM, bandwidth, with other websites. This results in higher website performance, and your website will rank higher in the Google search engines. With dedicated servers, you will get minimum downtime or we can say almost no downtime.

Let’s do some case Study on website speed

Make clear one thing – Website speed is very important. It is not important only for search engines optimization, but for the best user experience. A slower website not only loose traffic, but reputation too. That means you must emphasize on the website speed.

In the long run, one or two seconds of delay can be a huge ranking factor. When your website starts expanding with the needs, you need fast dedicated servers.

Let us talk about Amazon, if it gets down for a day, it can lose billions. Suppose, if a customer wants to purchase something, but your website is not loading. The customer might purchase the same product from another website. Or if the website is so slow, that it is not rendering the pages correctly, the customer will get disappointed, and you will lose several customers in this way. This will cause huge loss in the business. From this, you can imagine what your business might get through if the website gets down for even a day or an hour.

Does a dedicated server help with increasing site speed?

Yes, of course dedicated servers have a huge impact on website speed. Let us discuss more about it in detail below.

How does a Dedicated Server Increase Site speed?

If you buy a shared hosting space for  one website, it means you are renting that specific space (it is usually 1 gigabyte worth) on a server. That server might be hosting several other websites like hundreds or thousands in numbers including your website. With the growing traffic or growing content of other websites, other websites take the disk space, more bandwidth, and require more processing memory. Since, the server owner wants profit for his business. He will make sure all the websites keep running. But limit the use of resources to every website being hosted on that single server. However, one website hosted one same server may get affected by a virus or get flooded visitors. This will impact full server performance. This will also influence your website speed.

I hope you got it. There is one solution to all your problems related to websites. And that is dedicated hosting.

This is the reason shared hosting is not preferred, and fast dedicated servers come into picture. If you are low on budget but still want to invest in fast dedicated servers, don’t worry I got a solution for you. The solution is fast Linux dedicated servers. With advancement in technologies, business grows with time, and you need something to boost your website. The Linux based servers are considered the best fast dedicated servers. The Linux OS is design in a way to handle multiple databases, improve performance, and ensure security.

Why to select the best Linux dedicated server?

If you have finally decided to switch to Linux based dedicated servers, let’s discuss some points that will help you to select the best Linux server.

  • Linux OS  is an open source platform.
  • If you get stuck with any technical issue, you will get 24/7 support from the hosting provider team.
  • Linux servers are more flexible.
  • You can easily handle privacy tasks and control the security options.
  • It provides you the total control for making any changes when needed.
  • Linux servers are cost effective.


At the end what matters is website speed. In this article, we saw how fast dedicated servers increase website speed. If your business is just starting out, you can go for shared hosting services, which is low in price. But if your business is growing faster, you should opt for fast dedicated hosting. Don’t worry if your budget is low, as already discussed you can go for fast hosts Linux servers as they are cheapest also.

I hope this article cleared all your doubts related to fast servers, dedicated servers, and Linux dedicated servers. I hope you finally came to the decision which hosting to choose. If you still have any doubt, do tell us through comments. We are always there to help you out. Subscribe to our newsletter to get content delivered at your door, with the latest updates.

At last, Thank You for reading the article.