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Our Plans

Quad Core Dedicated

$ 69 / Mo

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  • (2) Xeon 2.27GHz (L5520)
  • 2.27GHz / Total 8 Cores
  • Additional IP Available
  • 100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth
  • CPanel- Based on choice
  • Free Express Delivery
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Six Core Dedicated

$ 99 / Mo

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  • (2) Intel Xeon 2.26GHz (L5639)
  • 2.27GHz / Total 12 Cores
  • Additional IP Available
  • 100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth
  • CPanel- Based on choice
  • Free Express Delivery
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$10 / Mo

Alt image
  • CPU 1 Core
  • 10 GB HDD
  • 2000GB Bandwidth
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Additional IP Available
  • CPanel- Based on choice
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Our Facilities

18,000 square foot state of the art Dedicated Hosting data center in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, California directly connected to One Wilshire. Combine that, with our connection to multiply internet carriers along with sophisticated optimized routing, that gives you pure awesomeness.

24/7/365 Security and Technical Staff, bio- metric controls as well as over 22 Cameras assures perimeter security.UPS Systems including Backup Generators, under strict maintenance vendors results in up to a 100% Uptime Promise. (SLA)

Need Help? Call our support team 7/365 01 773 455 6676

Great Features

Our team monitor network 24 hours a day seven days a week .

Minimize your exposure to security and performance .

With our fast, reliable and fully redundant network, your servers will remain online 365 days a year.

Your issues are always our issues. We pride ourselves on providing the best support that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

When passing along our savings to our customer, we can provide best price & quality combinations in the market.

Customize your solution with more RAM, a larger hard drive or backup management.


Would not you like to have a more reliable solution for information on your drive?

Welcome to , your best choice for a dedicated server. If you are looking for a Server and reliable internet connectivity as well as top notch, no excuses support, you have reached the right place- Our fully redundant network and experienced technical support staff will have you up and running in no time at all, with fine gear. We will always be here, when you need us, a partner in your success.


High-End Servers


Minimize your exposure to security and performance concerns by eliminating the shared hosting environment completely.


We monitor our network 24 hours a day to ensure that you experience no downtime and that we exceed our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Quality hardware

High-quality server and network hardware also helps us to insure the promised uptime guarantee and SLA.

Unattainable Promotions %

A fair prices

When passing along our savings to our customer, we can provide best price & quality combinations in the industry.

Without paying more

Our sales experts say it is possible to experience the comfort of business class server without paying through the nose.

Do not think twice

Try us at 40% discounted rate.Hope if you will compare the quality of service and the price combination,you Do not think twice.

Highly Comfortable Dedicated Hosting Solutions

You need to have a Dedicated Hosting server setup for delivering seamless services through online. We at make this happen by providing you with high-performance dedicated hosting server solutions that are affordable and highly functional at the same time. We have all sorts of server hardware that would suit your needs. For small and medium businesses – we have the single core solution and if you are running an enterprise, get the quad core optimum performance hardware for you.

Our dedicated hosting solutions are highly flexible and it can meet all your needs. If you were planning to build a platform on a distributed architecture, we have the right hosting resources. We can provide you with cloud hosting solutions that can seamlessly grow your business. We provide features like real-time cloning and backup that is completely image-based.

Whenever you come across queries regarding our dedicated hosting solutions, you can immediately connect with our team of experts to clarify the same. One of the best features of our solutions is real time deployment. We never make you wait for a long time for the process of deployment. We provide great opportunities for integrating dedicated servers and cloud servers, all at one place. You can leverage the high-speed network for maximum output. Our objective is quite simple; it helps you out in dealing with all hosting requirements.

Highly Secured Dedicated Hosting

We deliver dedicated hosting services without any hidden costs, you can be sure of it. Our server management system is one of the best in class, it provides you great tools for remote management of the servers. We have built a reliable architecture that will provide you access on all circumstances while keeping all the threats away from you. We have great tools that will help you out in making the most out of your servers.

We provide dedicated hosting solutions that are equipped with great security features. Now you don’t have to worry about any threats that will take your site down. We have integrated strategies that provide great security without compromising on the overall server performance or utilisation. We provide support in 24*7 , you can get instant assistance for any queries regarding our services. Our experts will provide instant support to you.

Let’s Discuss Choosing A Right  Data Center For Your Business

With the increase in demand of Data centers, companies invest huge in establishing data centers. But is it so easy to establish your own data center? How much money will it cost along with time? Why to choose our data center for your business? If you want answers to all these questions, you will get all the answers in this article. Keep reading till the end.

Data Center Strategy

Today, businesses prefer data centers for better data management. Investing in a reputable data center boosts the business sales. There are numerous components for good business performance that are storage management, servers, routers, telecommunication equipment to store, send, and receive data. More reasons for choosing data centers are security issues, fire, disasters, etc. So, considering all these factors, businesses need data centers to rely on.

What if you don’t want to invest in your own data center, reason might be anything. The reason might be cost, management, man power, etc. Let us first see different reasons why it is difficult to establish your own data center, and then why to choose us?

Cost of Data Center

The total cost of a rack in a data center is approximately $100K for the lifetime. The cost breaks into different categories like Power Equipment, Space, Project Management, Racks, Service, Electricity, Engineering Installation, etc. Don’t worry, we will not charge you this much. We charge according to the types of services we are offering you. And you choose the services you want from us.

Data Center Server selection

Data Center services provide servers to the businesses to optimize the power usage for better data management. Servers provide storage systems for storing data of business. Data servers are worth investing in, as it can handle all the incoming daily data. The best part is you are not charged according to the hour, but as per the data taking disk space, and the bandwidth website is using.

Does location of Data centers matter?

Of course, the location of data centers have a huge impact on the working of data centers. Before investing in any data centers you must take care of the following points, we have discussed below –

Disaster Avoidance

The threat caused by Natural Disasters like Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, lightning storms, can cause damage to data centers. Before installing the infrastructure, it is important to know the environmental stats of the place. Otherwise, it can cost big damage to the business. An area with low chances of natural disasters should be chosen. So, site selection is important. And we have chosen the right location for our data center. And that is California.

Availability of Power

Data centers need huge power to operate a data center. In the US, data centers generally consume power of 75000 watt. Making the data centers efficient is the demand of the IT industry. Electricity cost of a data center is the second big amount in the expenses of data centers. At the site place, electricity should be available easily at a cheap rate. For the electricity purpose, water availability should also be kept in the list.

Establishing data centers promote employment and require man power for the construction. At the data center site, there is a need for site engineers, IT, and electrical engineers. The local skill availability should be checked while planning for the data center.

Climatic conditions

We have already talked about natural disasters, climatic conditions also affect the working of data centers. Proper network facilities are important for the data centers. Data centers need cool temperature and humidity, required for cooling data centers. So, they should be established at cooler locations like Scandinavian countries in Europe or the USA.

Tax Structure

Political conditions of the location also impact the overall business of the data center. Corporate tax structure varies from state to countries. Since, the establishment cost of data centers are very high, companies want to reduce the tax payments. The companies should look for the location which offers lower taxes.

Taking care of all the above points, we offer our data center services to the businesses. So, to solve all your problems, we bring you the fully dedicated hosting services.

Why choose our data center?

This is a reliable question to get in mind. When there are hundreds of companies offering dedicated server rental facilities, why should you choose us?. So, Let us briefly tell you below the reasons to choose us-


California is the best location for data centers. Facebook, Google had also planned to establish their new data centers in California. So, you should not have any location issues with us. Our dedicated hosting services provider data center is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, California directly connected to One Wilshire. It is combined with internet carriers to optimize routing, and results in a fast network.


The infrastructure of data centers are getting innovative with time, so we are. Our infrastructure contains high performance dedicated servers to provide the best dedicated hosting solution. If you don’t know the benefits of dedicated servers, let me tell you. Dedicated servers are not shared one, it is allotted to your business only. It handles a single business unlike shared hosting in which servers host many other websites too. With dedicated servers you have full control over the working of your website. Either it is security, data, scaling servers to handle excessive data, all under your single control. Before making any decision, you should do your research.

Therefore, we have powerful servers to support your business heavily. We have an excellent team that manages the servers to bring excellence to business.

Reasonable price

When it comes to invest in hosting, we look for the services that are in budget and offer extraordinary services. With the rise in competition in the data centers market, companies are offering low prices for their prices. But you should not look at cheap hosting services but look for the best services offering company under your budget. We provide facilities according to your need. If you require Quad Core dedicated servers or six Core  or eight Core dedicated servers for your business, we have all possible  servers to serve your purpose . So, the entry servers start from $69 per month and go higher according to the plans.

Dedicated servers

You must be wondering what configuration of servers we have? We have all possible configuration trending now to host websites. We also provide  Virtual private servers, dedicated servers, server colocation for your different business requirements. So, Let us see some servers below –

Quad Core Dedicated Server (Total 8 Core )

It’s multi processor server and contains 2 Quad core Processor ,total core count is 8, Intel Xeon 2.26GHz,100 MBPS unmetered bandwidth,24GB DDR3 ECC RAM, additional IP Available,  very friendly support staff. Free Express delivery with 24/7 support at the cheapest price in the market. Therefore, the price starts from $69 per month. There are few cheap Data centres on the internet who can even offer 10 or 20 USD less , but you will feel the difference in Uptime of server or especially in service.

24 Core Dedicated Server

It consists of a total 24 cores, Intel Xeon(X5650), 24GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 100 MBPS unmetered bandwidth, additional IP, very friendly support staff. Free delivery with 24/7 support, and therefore price starts from $119 per month.

32 Core Dedicated Server

 It consists of 32 cores, Intel Xeon 16(E5-2620V4), 32GB DDR3 ECC, 100 MBPS dedicated server unlimited bandwidth, additional IP. So, the price starts from $169 per month.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It contains a CPU with 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, 50GM disk space, 1000GB per month bandwidth. Since, there are different categories of Linux VPS varying in price which starts from $13 per month and goes up to $49 per month. Linux servers are the top most server for hosting. Since, we are providing LINUX server services at such a reasonable price, you should give us a chance to prove our services quality.

There are some common services that our all servers provide like no long term contract, it means you have a choice to leave if you don’t find our services good. We don’t pressurize our customers to stay even if they don’t want to. You have freedom to choose the best for your business. Other services like 24/7 technical support, means if you face any kind of issue in the hosting or website it is causing any problem. Our team is always available to solve your problem. However, Team is friendly, disciplined, and are dedicated towards their work.

Proper Network Connection

Without proper network connection in the surrounding data center, it is not good for your business. And we have already taken care of that. That is one of the reasons we have established dedicated servers in California. Our dedicated servers in USA have fully established and guaranteed network 24/7. The good network connectivity that ensures faster and smooth working of the website. Therefore, we guarantee you the smooth working of business, with fast network connection.

24/7 Technical support

Whenever you have any query, we are there to answer. If you need any help, our team is always to help you. You don’t need to pay extra for this service. It is our responsibility to help you because you have trusted us for your business.


The security of your data is important to us. The data is secured physically as well virtually in our data center. You can visit us to see the security arrangements before making any decision.

Have you thought about what will happen to your data if due to natural disasters data center which is hosting your business is destroyed. Losing data is a big loss in its own way for any business. The data center must have backup solutions to backup all the data. Or the location of the data center should not have suffered any disaster in history. Do not worry, we have a solution for this also.


How can you trust a company with no history or a bad reputation in the market? It is very important to connect with a company which is trusted in the market. And has great market value. You can trust us based on our feedback on google and years of service we provided, we have served our customer for a decade. And looking forward to making our services best in the future too. Our fast dedicated servers are able to support your business for at least 10 years. You can do your research, read press releases, and you can also check the financial credibility of our company before you hand your data to us, and trust us.


What if you want to expand your business in the future, or suddenly your website starts getting traffic. Then your data center should be able to handle all the excessive data, traffic, of the website. And should be able to meet the long term requirements of the business. Our different hosting plans offer different services according to the plans. In the start of the website, there is low traffic, so there is no need to make it scalable. For this, we offer a beginner hosting plan which starts from $13 per month. You can start with entry VPS. If your website is getting high traffic, we have a professional plan to handle everything for you from handling storage to making it more scalable and reliable.

Well Equipped 

Our California dedicated servers are well- equipped with backup solutions for all the primary components such as fire, earthquake, HVAC, flood etc. We ensure disaster recovery methods from power failures, fire, or any kind of disaster. That is one of the reasons we have chosen California as the location for our data center.

Save More With Us

When your business is relying on our data center, you will save a lot of money. You do not need to pay for floor space, electricity for your data center. You just need to pay for the services that the data center is providing to your company. Yes, that is true. You have to pay only for storage and bandwidth you are using. In the future, if your business do great and you want to get benefit of more services. You can upgrade your plan.


The suggestion is to choose our high performance dedicated servers hosting. We provide all the services you require for the best hosting in the market. We allocate an instant dedicated server to your business. Therefore, all your requirements will get fulfilled. We are 24/7 available to handle any kind of issue or provide service at any time.

Let me conclude what extra we will provide you and make our offerings unique.

  • Free 6 Hours Rush Delivery 
  • Reasonable price with quality services
  • 24/7 Support and maintenance
  • Supporting staff
  • Best network connectivity
  • Best infrastructure
  • 100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Additional IP Available

Therefore, I hope you will buy dedicated servers from us, and will give us an opportunity to showcase our services. we ensure, you will not get disappointed with our promises. Because of tough competition in the market, we are always working to make our services serve best in the market. Our number of customers have increased rapidly in the past year, we will help you to achieve your goal with our best services.