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Guaranteed hosting

We provide dedicated web hosting solutions that won’t cost a great deal of money. If you can find a dedicated server cheapest in the class, that would be ours. Now when we tag it as an affordable

solutions, we never mean that the performance is compromised. is a name renowned for impeccable hosting solutions that fit under a reasonable price tag. One of best thing about our hosting solutions is that the terms and conditions are clear and accurate. We guarantee immense satisfaction and if we fail in that, we shall return the money back to you, yes! There is a 30 days period for which you can try our services and if you are not really gratified, you can claim back your money, all the penny that you have invested in.

Dedicated Server At Cheapest And Affordable Cost

We have a powerful yet redundant network that promises 100% uptime. Whether you are hosting a simple website or a powerful online platform, uptime is guaranteed. A dedicated server cheapest option is available you would get from us. We make replacing of hardware happen in less than 4 hours. We are obliged to provide services all the time – 24 x 7. If you have any queries, just connect to our expertise, they are ready to help you out regarding any issues. We never compromise on the quality of our services.

Although we provide high performance dedicated server cheapest options among the available ones, we do have specific terms and conditions. Each and every service from us are secured with respective terms and conditions and we require our customers to agree upon that. We request you to read the policies well and understand the applicable restrictions (for instance SPAM and IRCd).

We also take care intense care for protecting your privacy online. Never will your details be published on any platform by us. Dedicatedhosting4u will take care that your personal information

is secured and not shared or leased. This is clearly described in our policies and you can read them for having a better understanding of the same.

Dedicated web hosting servers
Clear and precise – Our written terms and guarantees
Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back
You can safely try our services for up to 30 days with the possibility to easily get your money back if you are not satisfied or change your mind. No questions asked.

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100% Network and Power Uptime
With a fully redundant network and leading edge hosting infrastructures, dedicatedhosting4u can guarantee 100% Network and Power Uptime with above average SLA credits in case of failure to deliver the stated level of service.

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Hardware replacement in less than 4 hours (not applicable to colocation)
We guarantee that we will replace any failed hardware in a maximum delay of four hours, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. That’s what we call quality service.

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Terms and usage conditions
All services are subject to the terms of service and by subscribing, the customer agrees to comply. Please read our policies and pay special attention to the restrictions (SPAM and IRCd).

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Privacy Policy
Protecting your privacy is important to us, and dedicatedhosting4u will not sell, lease or exchange your personal information. Our rules of conduct for disclosure of information are described in this policy.
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Is it worthy to deploy a dedicated server on the cheapest cost ?

If you are looking to host your website on the dedicated server. And if you are not able to find the best dedicated server at a reasonable price. Do not worry, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will discuss different cheapest dedicated servers. So, that you can deploy your server at the cheapest rate and get the best.

Why Choose Dedicated servers?

In hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting you share servers with many other clients. In this case, security is not well maintained. Shared services are limited.

Choosing the dedicated server means you get an entire server for your business only. You will not share any CPU time, disk space, and bandwidth with other websites. Your website runs faster. It becomes more responsive, and always available. But the price of services are very high. Therefore, if you do not have enough to invest on it or you want something in budget. We bring you the best dedicated server services at a cheap price.

But nowadays, there are many companies which are providing cheap dedicated servers. Then, why should you choose us? We will give you all reasons to buy dedicated server hosting from us.

Services by Our Dedicated Servers

So, here let us see services provided by our Servers –

99.99% Uptime

Internet presence is very important for every business. If your website goes down, it might cost you high. If Amazon gets down, it might lose billions. So, you can get how important it is to have 99% uptime. Our services ensure 99.99% uptime. It means you are always present on the internet doing business.

World class support

Our team provides 24*7 world class support to the customers. We are always ready to help you out. Either you need help with any technical issue or any other. Our technical team manages the server, its operating system, data, etc.

Price Plans

There is variety in our price plans. It varies according to the services you choose. However more the services, more is the price. But we provide the best services in the market at a cheaper price. Our services vary for small sized, medium sized, and large businesses.


Nowadays, stealing data is a common practice. The stolen data can be used in the wrong way. Because of this reason security of your data is very important. We take complete care of your data. And save it from any kind of breaching. In case, any natural disaster occurs, we have backup options to save your complete data. We know how important your data is, and also you can trust us 100%.


If your website starts getting high traffic, and you want to scale it urgently. When the number of visitors increases, the website becomes slow. It starts lagging. If this happens with your website, we provide fast hosting solutions. We have all the facilities to scale it. Our servers handle excessive data, and meet all the long term requirements of a business.

Instant Delivery

Once your payment is verified, we provide instant configurations. The services are delivered in just a few minutes.

Dedicated Hardware

Our hardware is stable and secure. With dedicated servers you have full control over the website. There are different categories of servers available are – Linux dedicated servers, windows dedicated server, Bulk Mail dedicated servers. You can choose as per the requirements of your business.

Fully Managed

You do not have to worry about software updates, security patches, reboots, and operating system upgrading. We take care of everything on behalf of you. Because you are paying for all these services included in our price plans.


We provide quality services at a reasonable price. You will not get the best services at a cheap price. We have customized our price plans according to the need of businesses. So, we ensure you quality services. We promise you smooth working of the website without any compromise with quality.

Multiple Choices of Operating Systems

You can select any operating system of your choice. Our dedicated servers have predefined operating systems. So, you can choose any among them. After choosing, we will make everything ready for you in some minutes.

100% Dedicated Resources

You will get a complete isolated server with 100% dedicated hardware. And you do not need to share any resources with others. You have complete control over services we provide you.

Your own IP address

When you choose a dedicated server, you get a unique IP address. When hundreds of websites share the same server, they all have the same IP address. Then you not only fight for resources but also deal with other websites for harming IP addresses. And running out of resources results in downtime. You do not need to worry about any of this if you choose our dedicated server hosting.

Website Speed

The speed at which your website loads should be faster. Otherwise you might lose customers, and visitors. A fast website tells a lot about your business. With us, you will not face any network issues. The location of our data center has a good network. Which in turn ensures a good network to your website. You cannot compromise with the speed of the website. Faster website can also make you rank on page one on Google. This will increase website traffic. And going to bring good sales meaning more profit.

A small investment at the right place can bring a lot to your business.

Dedicated servers at cheap price

The competition in the market is very high. Some of the big companies have raised their price plans after providing quality services at a cheap price for some duration. But we have not. We are here to provide quality services at a reasonable price.

Therefore, we provide different categories of servers at different price plans. So, let us see the services that dedicated servers provide at different price ranges.

8 Core Dedicated Server

It is a total 8 Core Intel Xeon server. It contains 24GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 1 TAB SATA2, 100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth. And also comes with additional IP, free Express delivery, 24*7 support. There is no long term contract. So, It’s price starts from $69 per month. It is the cheapest dedicated server.

24 Core Dedicated Server

It consists of 24 Cores, Intel Xeon(X5650). It contains 24GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 1TB SATA2, 100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth. And it also comes with additional IP, free Express Delivery. It offers 24*7 support, and no long term contract. So, It’s price starts from $119 per month.

32 Core Dedicated Server

It is 32 Intel Xeon 16 Core(E5-2620V4). It consists of 32GB DDR3 ECC, 1TB SATA2, 100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth. And also comes with additional IP, 24*7 Support, very friendly support staff, and free Express Delivery. It has no long term contract. This means if you are not satisfied with our facilities, you can leave the plan. And you can switch to any other company. So, It’s price starts from $169 per month.

If your business is new, and you do not want to invest in cheap dedicated servers. You want something cheaper than our dedicated server pricing, and you are ok with sharing services. We have servers available for it also. That is also at a cheap rate. Let us see some other VPS servers we have –

Virtual Private Server-2

It comes with CPU, 1.5 GHZ, 1GB RAM, 50GB disk space. It also comes with 1000GB bandwidth per month. So, It’s price starts from $13 per month.

Virtual Private Server-3

It comes with CPU 2GHZ, 1.5GB RAM, 100GB disk space. It also comes with 2000GB bandwidth per month. This even provides a free CPU set. So, the price starts from $21 per month.

Virtual Private Server-4

It comes with CPU 2.5GHZ, 2.5GB RAM, 150GB disk space. It comes with 2000GB bandwidth per month. And also provide free CPU setup. Therefore, its price starts from $29 per month. You should choose this server. Because it is coming with large disk space, bandwidth at a cheap price.

Virtual Private Server-5

It comes with CPU 3GHZ, 3GB RAM, 200GB disk space. It comes with 4000GB bandwidth per month. So, Its price starts from $49 per month. If you think your business is doing quite well. And want high network speed you should have this plan.

Dedicated servers are similar to Virtual Private Server. The main difference between the two are in dedicated servers you are not sharing server resources with any one.In Virtual Private Server ,You share all server resources.

Compared with Other

If you compare our services with other companies. Then you will find out how excellent services we are providing at an affordable price. Do you know at what price other companies are providing dedicated servers? Let us see some price plans –

If we talk about Hostinger, its price of dedicated servers starts from $120 per month. The price of dedicated servers by Bluehost, starts from $79 per month. The Liquid Web price also starts from $199 per month.Even Hostgator charges $90 per month. From this, you can see we are charging very less. And providing services equivalent to them at less price. I do not think you need any more reason to choose others.

Our services out performs as compared to others at lower prices. Either in terms of network speed, security, team support, and more.

Is choosing a dedicated hosting correct for your business?

It is the big decision as the cost is higher compared to shared hosting or VPS hosting. But we have already seen, dedicated servers are far better than others. Mostly the companies which chose dedicated hosting are mid-sized to large. But, some small companies also prefer dedicated hosting for security purposes. Typically, this type of hosting works best for companies who need high security, or get large traffic. The startups do not need this hosting but may upgrade later when business grows. Remember your business needs right hosting to survive. Unlike shared services, it needs high maintenance cost. Today, dedicated servers are the most powerful hosting machines in the market.

With the rise in security threats it is not possible to have a solution for everything. But we take all security measurements to protect the data from any kind of threat.

Always do research before choosing a hosting service. It is important to see long term benefits. Because it is going to have a big impact on your business in the present and going to impact the future. Take your time and then make wise decisions. Then chose the correct hosting for your website.

Is the cost of dedicated servers high?

Yes, the cost of dedicated servers are high as compared to other servers. Because dedicated servers are specifically designed for you. Have a plan beforehand, it will help you to make decisions for long term benefits. Take a clear look at your website. Measure its efficiency and effectiveness and then decide to shift your services. The cost of other servers like LINUX servers, shared servers, are lower than dedicated servers. So, it completely depends upon your budget, business requirements to decide which type of server is best for you. We have all types of servers, varying in range too from cheapest dedicated servers to business plan dedicated servers.

Consult with Professionals

If you are not able to take any decision, you can consult a professional. Who can have a deeper look at your website, and help you make the decision. A professional can analyze the needs of your business. He can tell a lot about your website’s future, do you need to scale it right now or not. So, he will give the right guidance to your thoughts.


The conclusion is the decision of  deploying a server majorly depends upon business requirements. If the business is small or medium sized, you can get a good deal of cheap dedicated servers. But if the business is well established, you can go for big dedicated servers available at a reasonable price. Therefore, it is worth it to deploy a dedicated server on the low price. Choosing the correct hosting solution is your key to success. Some time you may have issues in taking decision then consult with Professional consultant.