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Overview is a name that is known for simplicity of hosting and easiness of implementation. We are here to provide dedicated web hosting servers for any kind of situation. Whether you run an enterprise or a network for people, we have the right solution for you.Build and develop your IT infrastructure with the help of our state-of-the-art technology server solutions. Our experts are here to help you out with any kind of queries in 24 *7 and no time.

Dedicated Web Hosting Servers Are Faster, Affordable And Reliable

Since we have an experience in this industry over 7 years, you don’t have to worry regarding any of our hosting services. Though our prime focus is completely fixed upon giving you the best solutions available for dedicated web hosting servers, our intention is to provide services at an affordable cost. Your returns of the investment shall be very high, once you deploy our servers with us. It is not really a challenging task to setup these servers once you have the right personnel from us.

One of the eye-catching aspects of our services is that we are cost effective, faster and reliable. Once you will select our dedicated web hosting servers, things at your side starts getting better. We work hard to provide assistance on all related queries, all the time. Since dedicatedhosting4u has been in this arena since a long time, you can assume a great quality of hosting services from us. There are many good plans to choose from. The best thing about dedicated servers is its functionality itself.

When you consider dedicated web hosting servers for your business, not only that you are choosing the right option but also, you are going to get some high performance machines for your business. We all know how hard it is manage things without powerful machines and we make things positive. Our hosting solutions are applicable beyond businesses, say you are planning to run an online community, we have the right hardware (servers) for you. Our commitment for serving you is everlasting and we are always there to help you on all queries.

The Top Reason to invest in Dedicated web hosting at Data center


The idea of using dedicated web hosting at data centers is gaining the popularity with the popularity of both data centers as well as dedicated web hosting. In this article, we will look at both, and why there is a need for dedicated web hosting hosted at data centers.

Let us first understand the concept of a data center.

Data center

The data center is a dedicated space use to house computer servers, and associated components such as storage, telecommunication systems.

Why Do Companies Need Web hosting at Data centers?

Imagine, if your website or server gets down for an hour or worse a day. It can cause a loss of lakhs or thousand depending upon the current daily income. The worst is when you are not able to fix the issue, it brings stress, loss of productivity. It’s always better to make the best decisions before.

Companies started investing in dedicated web hosting at data centers. Because they needed fast internet connectivity to deploy systems and become popular on the internet. Earlier, the setup was expensive, so small companies could not afford it. But Big companies started building Internet data centers(IDCs), which provide different facilities like crossover backup facilities, minimum time outage.

Data centers cost a lot to establish and maintain. But there are already companies like us providing data center services, and charge according to the usage of storage and bandwidth.

Why prefer dedicated web hosting at data centers?

The demand for business is more production and less cost efficiency. So, no need to think about the infrastructure of the data center, its cost, and efficiency. Because the web hosting solutions hosted at data center will do all the work.

Full control

In web hosting or VPN, you need to share services, you have less control. However, in the case of dedicated servers, you have full control over services and no need of sharing any services.

Full security

Data breaching is one of the major concerns of websites, with dedicated servers data is secure. If someone tries to access data outside the root level, the server gets automatically locks itself. This ensures that your data is safe with dedicated servers.

Dedicated power

Not sharing resources or services means you are saving a lot of power for your website. It lets your website perform extraordinarily even when the traffic is high, at full speed. With the rise in traffic, it becomes an ordinary server might get down, and your business will suffer. On the other hand, with the dedicated servers no worries. The dedicated web hosting servers will not let you suffer and are available 24/7.

Requirements for modern web hosting data centers

With the modernization in data centers, the performance has enhanced and increased energy efficiency. Since security was always an issue in the past. The data center must ensure the security of data to prevent it from cyber attack. As we know, establishing a data center costs a huge amount. So, It is important to know what is the life of a data center.

What is the age of the web hosting data center?

According to Research companies like International Data Corporation(IDC), the average life of a data center is nine years. And according to Gartner, the average life is nine years. Since, the data is growing every day on a huge number. Modernizing the data centers is a major issue and need of the hour.

Future of Data centers

The need for web hosting data centers is increasing rapidly. Even the startups who want to create a presence on the internet are showing their interest in web hosting. The web hosting solutions offer the best user experience to their customers who need dedicated web hosting solutions.

Let us see some stats –

You will be surprised to know how much data is generated every day, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. According to prediction, it will rise to 463 exabytes of data by 2025. Till now, around 44 zettabytes of data have been generated. By today, the number of data centers are three times in count. Every single day, people are sending around 306.4 billion emails, sharing 95 million photos every day on Instagram. And around 5 million tweets are made, this number might get three times in 2021.

According to the 2020 expansion plans of Google, the company decided to invest $10 billion to create data centers. The states included in the program were 11 US states. The states were California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. The CEO of Google, and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai stated that this step will not only boost the company. But will create thousands of jobs, and bring good to the society.

Future of Data

We know, the future wireless communication network is 5G. Although in Japan it’s going to be beyond 5G, the insight of data centers is changing. Since, the 5G network will bring faster streams of data, which will enhance user experience. So, the companies will require dedicated web hosting servers. Why? to handle the smooth working of applications, large scale exchange of data and services. Hence, the demand for data centers will increase on another level.

What Facebook did to handle the excess data?

Facebook has taken the decision to invest in high-capacity fiber-optic routes to move its data between data centers. With the massive popularity of Facebook, the company has been scaling its infrastructure. So, to handle the growth and data that users upload with ensured security concerns. The Data centers are being modified according to the need of the hour. The change is done according to the way the world is producing and sharing data. In future, the data centers will become more innovative and a hot topic of the era. With the rise in popularity of AWS, that is Amazon service, companies shifted their web hosting to AWS. As a result, AWS is considered a dedicated web hosting solution in the market and companies are showing their continuous interest in it.

Small and off-shore

The demand for hybrid data centers is increasing, with the increase in workload. So, you need dedicated web hosting to handle all the load. And you only focus on creating data not on how to manage and organize the data. Because of this is the reason companies have started investing in data centers, rather than hiring more employees to handle backend data. It’s the best choice to hire a company’s data center, which will handle all the workload for the company.

Reusing excess heat

Data centers are energy transformation devices, they draw electrical power from one side. It do some useful work, and more than 95 percent of the electricity goes on waste. If we talk about energy generating systems like hydroelectric dams, it transforms the kinetic energy into clean transportable energy. This transformed energy reaches hundreds of miles away. There is a major issue with excessive heat in data centers, it can be used somewhere else for production.

Data Centers Innovation

The new data centers should be designed in such a way that released heat can be used by other energy systems. Energy systems like electricity centers by directing it to the backside using a closed loop. Although, it’s not a new idea in the world. But a hidden gem, as there are many broad companies that are using this concept like IBM.

IBM initiative for good change

IBM data center in Switzerland reuses heat to warm a swimming pool. Other companies like Yandex, Academia share the excessive heat with nearby residents. It is a good initiative by the companies to emphasize reusing of the resources and sharing with the society. Although, there are many heat reuse data centers in countries like Canada, England, and the US. Soon, this idea will spread in the whole world. The Amazon itself has a biosphere project in downtown Seattle.

If companies start reusing this heat, it will be given back to society, and nature. If the energy of all the data centers on this planet is reused. It will save a huge amount of energy, and the reused heat will not be wasted.

Less space more capacity

Gartner, the research industry made an incredible statement that data centers can achieve 300% capacity growth using 60% less space.

How will this be achieved?

There might be many ways to achieve this target. One is installing row and rack-based cooling into all new data centers. And modifying old ones with the same technique. With the modular approach, the unused floorspace from HVAC can be partitioned off. Leaving rest of the spcae for furture purposes.

Way to use excessive heat

It can be highly achieved with virtualization software that works on higher user density per physical CPU or HD spindle. The hypervisors and data center management software experts exert a considerable drag on compute operations. Because the drag not only impacts density but latency too. So, the future virtual data centers must have the many abilities. One is to push more of the computed load out to the cloud servers. Cloud based web hosting is catching the fire in the market with the extraordinary facilities it is serving. The cloud servers have powerful processors. They relieve server-side tasks, security issues, and minimize the need for big iron in the DC.

Cloud based web-hosting

One bright example of cloud based web hosting is AWS, whose market value is increasing every day. With rise in demand of web hosting, AWS beats google in terms of services, specially in security purposes. As a result, Amazon is expanding the market and improving the facilities to make it best in the world.

Invest in dedicated web hosting

Investing in a data center could be the best option. With the increasing demand of dedicated web hosting solutions, businesses are preferring to shift their data to the cloud. Or purchase dedicated web hosting, to boost their businesses. Popularity plays the major role in any business and the services which company offers.

If the services are good, people become the regular customers, and brings traffic to the website. Then comes the increased pressure on the businesses. So, the need becomes to scale the servers to reliable dedicated server hosting. To enhance the user experience and handle increased data which keeps on increasing with the popularity.

The business then look for top dedicated server hosting providers to scale their businesses. There is not only one reason to look for a dedicated server hosting solution. But many like, for fast streaming of data, data security, and large backend storage.

How to choose the right web hosting?

There are many best-dedicated web hosting providers in the market. One should look for a hosting solution with the best dedicated server hosting reviews. The reason is if you choose the wrong web hosting services, you will not only lose customers. But the reputation of the company might get corrupted, and no business wants that of course.

The small investment in web hosting will bring good sales and a boost in business. Web hosting services generally charge based on the amount of bandwidth and the storage you use. If you are worried that your business is small right now and it might cost very high, it’s a myth. If you shift to dedicated server hosting, more than half of your work is done. With this you can focus more on services and goods instead of worrying about security, scaling, and handling data. It’s a long term safe investment.

Need of best web hosting

Any websites that want to be put on the internet should host on a web server. A web server can refer to either the hardware or the software that helps to deliver content that can be accessed through the internet. The space provided by the web server can be owned or leased for use by clients from web hosting companies. There are many web hosts to choose from and finding the right web hosting packages can be a confusing process.

Web hosting packages can vary in pricing as well as the features they offer, such as the amount of disk space and bandwidth available, data transfers, number of domains and email boxes, privacy and security settings, website design and marketing tools, technical support and guaranteed uptime. Knowing the requirements is essential to make a smart choice for a website planning.

Let us see some important features of web hosting –


Web hosting has an allotment of storage that can be rented on a server. The best part about web hosting is it include all the content which web pages contain either it is graphic or media on the server which is always available. It also give space for storing the emails of visitors on website. Web hosting give offers to the companies to choose a package as per their budget. People can also choose the package which have more disk space so that they can add more content like photos, videos on disk space.

Domain Name

The Domain name is a unique name and address on the World Wide Web server. In the first step, people have to buy the domain through domain registration process. When the registration is done, the domain become yours for the specific amount of time. The domain owners have to renew their domain name before it expires.

Privacy and Security

The security of the data is a big concern. So, to resolve the issue of security, web hosting have SSL secure servers, SSL certificates, and Softwares. The Softwares will not allow other websites to access the data of your website. Isn’t it great. You don’t have to worry about data breaching or cyber attack on your website. Today, cyber attack is common. So, the security of data is the major concern and you can trust on the web hosting solutions. They will protect your data from any kind of cyber attack.

Band Width

If we talk about bandwidth, it is the quantity of data that can be transferred at one time. If the allocated bandwidth is less, the website will become slower. And it does not depend on the connection of visitor. The higher bandwidth is expensive because it takes and drains the server’s resources. This can affect the performance of other customers’ sites on the same server.

Data Transfer

Data transfer is how much data is being transferred on a monthly basis. A website may not be accessible when the less data transfer is allocated on a monthly basis. Going over the allocated limit can result in a fee or even a temporary shutdown of the website. Pay for only those resources which you are using.


Uptime is one of the most important feature of good web hosting. Guaranteed Uptime means that website is available 99.9 percent of time, and do not gets shutdown. The more services that should be guaranteed are network uptime, web server, and server uptime.


A good web hosting provider should have 24/7 support. If any issue arises, you should get a quick response from providers.


The future of data centers is very bright. Data centers are becoming innovative as years are passing, and so are the data center services. That’s why companies are trusting data centers to shift their data and relying completely on web hosting services. Today, the business is much dependent on internet and online marketing. If you want your business to grow, you need the best web hosting solutions. Of course, you would not like to take any chance with your idea or business. Web hosting solutions do 70 percent of the task to get you popularity. There is lot it can do for you like handling the data, and securing the data. The rest 30 percent depends upon the services you provide to your customers.

To make your vision clear we have covered all the topics. The future of companies with good web hosting is bright. So, if you want to grow your business, choose the best web hosting solution for your business. The best web hosting solution is that which have best reviews in the market. You should not think more and invest in the right hosting. Because it will highly impact your business and you will see the changes yourself.

I hope you found the article useful, if you want more information like this. Please subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates or provide feedback.