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Review Dedicated Hosting 4U at Partner Programs  operates one of the oldest, largest, and most lucrative resale / wholesale programs in the Web Hosting industry.

Nearly 10,000 partners are serviced via the multiple  channel programs.  encourages the resale of our complete product line. We offer resellers the ability to purchase services at a discount. These services may then be resold to the public, at a price deemed fit by the reseller. Resellers may market the services to the public with the  brand, or private label the product and sell to the public as their own brand. The  Resale Program gives you the perfect opportunity to grow in the hosting business – without risk, and without the huge capital outlay.

As an affiliate, you can market  products by placing links and/or banners on your website to the relevant product pages on the  website. You will receive commission for each sale of these products that originate via your referral. Commission paid on recurring revenue, not just one-time payout! No need to provide support,  supports end-user(s) directly. No risk of credit card chargebacks and/or loss of payment processing accounts.