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Factors that you should look for Minecraft game server

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Factors that you should look for Minecraft game server

If you want to make a huge difference in your experiences with the gaming server, then best go for a Minecraft gameserver. There are several companies offering their game servers for Minecraft. The best game server hosting for any high graphical game, the server comes which is installed with a high configuration dedicated server. A dedicated server not only gives the best performance through their high speed infrastructure but also provides the best maintenance support in case of the managed server. A gamer will never compromise on problems arising in their game that are generated due to server configuration. Suppose someone loses his money due to system fault, he clicked on the right answer, but failed with a message ‘System problem please contact with administrator’.

You should be informed about the required features to list your server in top Minecraft gameservers. Please refer the below points that state the features if you want to find the right game server with specific features.

Minecraft dedicated server requirements for best performance:

  1. Server should be updated with latest release of Minecraft.
  2. Server should be featured by Bukkit and all the other required plugins.
  3. Server should support Full FTP access as the file size may be big and type may different.
  4. Server should be featured for applying custom Domain Names.
  5. Need to see that if server supports MySQL and SQL Databases
  6. Need to take Full Backups of the applications and objects.
  7. Server internet port should have 1 Gbps or more to get a great performance
  8. Server processing configuration should be high-end including RAM
  9. Server should be an unmetered bandwidth server. Unmetered bandwidth hosting gives the uninterrupted gaming flexibility to the server.

The business owner will not have to find a new server if the server is already upgraded to run Minecraft gameservers. But it is not bad if your server is not already upgraded with the same Minecraft gameservers. Because in that case customers will have the options to find a better web hosting company in the Minecraft gameservers instead of the existing one. You also can configure your server based on minecraft requirements by customizing settings. Minecraft dedicated hosting is always a best option to host.

Now the cloud and dedicated servers are the options for best Minecraft gameservers. There is one list of reasons that business owners should search for  unmetered servers.

  1. The first thing is the Space – Minecraft requires a large CPU power and RAM. Dedicated hosting offers enough amount of space and RAM, which will create a stable gaming environment for your server.
  1. Security – All the time gamers are hacked, and they become crazy over the server or website… Dedicated server is more secure than Shared and VPS server.
  1. Configuration and settings– Games consumes huge bandwidth and space so you will need unmetered dedicated servers as the others options like VPS do not offer as much as the dedicated servers.

These are the three reasons by which unmetered dedicated servers allow someone to hold larger numbers of players for a particular race or other events. Dedicated server allows getting the right plugins and modifications that allow doing more with the game.

Some of the listed plugins Tekkit, Bukkit, ChestShop, iConomy, Essentials, etc. are already covered by dedicated servers. And as you have root access for the server you can install as many plugins as required.


Factors to consider to purchase minecraft server

Minecraft is one of the most popular games that you can play either solo or multiplayer. You need to rent or host unmetered bandwidth server if you are playing the game as a multiplayer. Hosting a server provides more flexibility over a rented one, so below are some of the factors you must take into consideration while choosing a minecraft gameserver.

  • Be aware of the terms ‘Griefing’ and ‘Whitelist’: Griefing can be best described as harassment. This takes place in terms of hurting the players in player-versus-player combat outside sanctioned areas and destroying things they have created.

Whitelist servers are those which require you to register according to guidelines and set up an account. Griefing and such other issues are minimal in whitelisted servers due to their strict policies.

  • Checking the server listing: Take some time to read the server listing, check on YouTube, maybe search some Minecraft forums to get a sense of the server and if it suits you.
  • Uptime: Good Minecraft servers have uptime ranging from 95 to 98-99%. It is important you to consider this factor in the server listing.
  • Population: In a Minecraft player server like ‘The Hive’, it has 3000-6000 players logged at a time in the server playing mini-games. Without such a huge number of participants, there will not have much fun. Smaller servers are not bad if it is anarchy-style server with a small number of participants. In this scenario, there is enough room to build and explore.
  • Cost: Many Minecraft servers are not strictly pay-to-play, but the premium tier of players who pays get preference over other players in a queue. Also, almost every server accepts donations to defer the costs of maintaining the server.

Configuring a game server

Once you have a game server, you can configure it by following the below three steps:

  • Installing the OS: If your game server hosting provider has not installed an OS for you, you need to do that, configure the networks and set up the disks. Many cloud providers give a machine which can be accessed by SSH or Remote Desktop. Using that you can do all the installations. There are a few technologies like PXE, Canonical’s MaaS, Cobbler which you can consider depending on your team’s needs.
  • Host Configuration: For Linux and Unix machine, upload SSH key or configure SSHD for authentication. You can also install and configure a VNC server similar to Remote Desktop in Windows.

For a Windows server, log in to Remote Desktop, install Windows Remote Management. Check for updates in the server and make sure everything is UpToDate.

  • Application Deployment: To simplify this task, you can use a Configuration Management Tool(CMT) like Puppet or Chef. CMT’s have a client-server architecture where you need to set up a controller and install an agent in the game server machines. The agents report to the controller about the machine state and the controller changes the required configuration.

Dedicated gaming server is a growing and profitable platform for web hosting companies. This is not an easy business opportunity, but offering game hosting in addition to a web hosting, company can give an edge in this competitive market.

Minecraft is well known for its mark on creativity. As it has over 30 million users it is quite needed to host the game on the server for users to play.

What is a Server and What does it do?

A server acts as the host for online gaming. It is used to play multiplayer games, and it can affect your overall gaming experience. Your experience will be affected by the admins, other plans and rules applied on a server, so choosing the best server will make a huge difference to your game.

The game world is full of complexities, and when you are playing Minecraft, it becomes more diverse. You will also work with others, so it is important to find a server that matches your needs.

If you don’t know which server to host Minecraft with a huge variety of options you can find online, here are a few things you need to remember:

Know the Rules – different hosts have several rules and tags. Make sure that you know them before selecting a server to host Minecraft. This information will help you to understand which games are hosted and those that are not. Remember that Minecraft features different modes, so you need a server that can meet your requirements.

Identify the Size – you will find that those with fifty thousand people playing at the same time are the most popular servers these days. If you want the smaller ones, you can have those with as little as just a few hundred. You will need at least one-hundred people to play the mini-games, depending on the type of game you play. The right size generally depends on your needs.

The Technical Details – you must be familiar with the host’s technical information. Of course, you will want a host with a high speed to make sure that you have a smooth and continuous experience when playing. This can be possible with unmetered bandwidth server. You also need to know what percent of the time the server is allowing you to play.

Customer Support – look for a host with 24/7 customer support. This is important so you will be able to find easy and quick answers to your questions. If you have any issue, you will also get immediate help from them.

Some people love the idea of hosting the game on their own, as well as their own clan or community. For this reason, they try to find the best Minecraft server hosting. There are lots of options you can find online, and their quality and features range from top-notch to outright scandalously. When you know which one is the best server to host Minecraft, you are on your way to having a completely entertaining and enjoyable gaming experience with other players online.

Setting up Minecraft Server

Minecraft has brought drastic changes in the gaming industry which provides a future way of fun to numerous people. It has influenced the people who don’t know games and grabbed their attention towares Minecraft. Minecraft is improvising its content every year to keep up to date.

1.       Why to set up Minecraft server?

Allowing the multiplayer option to games can give more fun to players than the single-player option. For this, there should be a server to observe the players actions and also on the player-end need a computer with matched game resource configuration which should have proper internet connectivity to prevent interruptions. Minecraft server can be a good source of income. First, you need to set up and then the server got to be famous thereby profits can be earned. If you own the minecraft server then custom rules can be applied to manage players. Providing player-friendly options can increase visitors.

2.       Can I Set up Minecraft server on Personal computer?

The cost for setting up Minecraft server on a home computer is very less if doesn’t include electricity and connectivity bill.  But it is recommended only for a little time as temporary solution to the local network.

In this, the disadvantages can be an increase in electricity usage. As gaming requires more information to be processed, this makes resources to use more electricity. Internet usage increases as bandwidth consumption are more for data processing either in uploading or downloading. Player computer resources may be used by the server. This may also lead to a security issue for player data.

  1. Minecraft dedicated server setup or Minecraft VPS setup. How to?

As the players increases then the data to be processed also increases. In such situations setting up a VPS or Dedicated server will be a better option if you can manage and secure the server.

Once you have your machine set up and secured, start inviting people onto your machine. Then go about adding a game hosting control panel to manage the Minecraft server or skip that and install the files directly.

4.       Set up Mincecraft server from hosting provider. Is it the best idea?

It is the affordable, better and fast solution offered by game hosting provider to purchase minecraft server. As the competition increased the price for these packages is also dropped.

Advantages to purchase minecraft server with ready options:

The control panes used for Minecraft to handle the tasks of players involves charges for licenses. But in case of ready-made solution these features are available for free.

The support team of hosting company may not have the knowledge of Minecraft server when you opt for VPS or Dedicated server.

The performance depends on the money we spent. Access to resources like CPU and RAM is limited as per expenditure. Storage is also varied.

Instant access to the Minecraft server is provided as per the invoice.  All the required files will be moved to hosting space for setup. Once the setup is done all control panel and access credentials are provided.


Here security of assets depends on the hosted company as the company has the technical experts.

5.       What is the best mode of hosting for Minecraft server?

Depending upon the requirement and expenditure the solution varies. If you prefer a free solution then hosting the Minecraft server on a home computer can be an option but it is risky. With little expenditure, you can get a ready-made solution. Opting for unmetered dedicated server or VPS can be a better solution when you want a large server for more players.

6.       What is the Primary set up procedure for the Minecraft server?

Initially, the Minecraft server needs a lot of setting to be done.

Step by step procedure:

At first, select the world map to upload. Then set the rules in the main config files. Choose various options according to the need. Set the server name to describe the company when players join. If you want to restrict players the create whitelist of players.

7.       Why to install mod packs?

After setting the basic rules and world of Minecraft server then go for installing mod packs which improve the games.  Mods can be used for security and also for managing the server. Some mods improve game appearance and controls. These mods may vary with the game version.

8.       How to increase the players on your Minecraft gameserver

Creating an attracting server can be challenging work and also involves risks which can be handled with the help of mods. Once the server is ready, reaching the public is not easy. There are a lot of websites to list Minecraft servers. These websites contain more information and a lot of players to find.

Some of the best sites that list Minecraft servers:

To gather more players create a list and make it available to players provide the options to join. This builds up a group of players. This list improves with existing and new players.