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IP Address an Overview

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IP Address an Overview

What is the IP address?

Usually, IP referred to an Internet Protocol. Every single computer in a network is detected with the help of IP address. We can track the physical location of a particular machine using the IP address.

When a dedicated server is purchased it comes with a set of 5 IP addresses. These IPs are implemented in various situations according to requirement. These requirements can be like sharing the server space for rent. These IPs are blocked in case of any misuse.

A dedicated IP address refers to a domain is assigned with an IP address which neither shared nor is utilized by any other domains. In case of Shared IP, IP address is shared across a web server by several websites. To improve website position in the search engine, these ip addresses can be linked to each account. Here multiple accounts from the same IP address can be considered as links from the same website. If distinct addresses are there for a website then we can make the links as from various websites.

The benefits of a dedicated IP address

1. Easy access to website anytime
Using the IP address, the visibility of the website can be verified. Anyone can simply access the website using the IP address no need to change any DNS setting of the domain.

2. Third party providers and unauthorized scripts
Most of the times applications and few scripts need a dedicated IP address. For safety, reject the third party websites. Don’t try to access websites restricted by the firewall, else they can trace you.

3. Royal identity
Here any type of hosted e-commerce website’s payments can be done straight away to the consumer without the involvement of third-party services. For this, we require a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for safety. It makes consumers that the website is reliable.

4. It protects your reputation as an email sender
It is very common to get promotional messages or any other irrelevant messages. These messages can lead to spam, we can protect email service from these. With a dedicated IP address, service can be secured from this kind of exposures.

5. Upgrade new technology and compatibility of old search engines
Using our service installation of various SSL certificates on a shared IP address is possible, but this causes problems with previous versions of few browsers. Using a dedicated IP address can be the solution for this.

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